Progressive Blackjack

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If Classic Blackjack isn’t quite what you are looking for as it lacks the exciting new factor then you should consider playing our Progressive Blackjack card game. This is a new and fun variant of the classic casino card game where you are allowed to make side bets into different pots that grow bigger and bigger which makes the possibility of winning so much more. At Indio Casino your entertainment is our main priority.


Playing Progressive Blackjack is the same as playing Classic Blackjack. Your cards will be dealt the same way they are in Classic Blackjack and you get similar actions which include Stand, Hit, Double and Split. As soon as you are good and ready to go the dealer will take their turn. To win the round you have to beat the dealer by showing a higher hand. Your total should be as close to 21 as possible without going over. You can also win if the dealer goes bust.

One of the biggest and most exciting differences between Classic Blackjack and our Progressive Blackjack card game is that while you are playing the regular pots as well as the progressive pots. The jackpot is built up during the game by adding a single dollar to the progressive pot before the cards are dealt. If you manage to land a certain hand you stand a chance of hitting that jackpot win most players are aiming for. This card game variant provides you with the opportunity to win two ways through regular betting and the progressive jackpot.

Check out how much you can win from the progressive jackpot with the given cards:

1 ace card – $1.00

2 ace cards – $5.00

2 aces the same colour – $10.00

2 aces of same suit – $50.00

3 aces – $100.00

3 aces of the same colour – $250.00

4 aces – $1,500.00

3 suited aces – $2,500.00

4 suited aces – entire jackpot

Don’t wait – join the Indio Casino family today and start playing to get your hands on some jackpot wins…