Play American Roulette Online


Roulette has been a favourite for players since the 18th Century. The game is originally from France which is why American Roulette was created to divide the American and European versions. With a spin and a click you could land on some pretty amazing winnings that could even change your life.

The biggest difference in American Roulette is the wheel that has a wheel slot for both the 0 and an added 00. This gives the American version of Roulette a higher house advantage of 5.26%. Another thing that sets American Roulette apart from European roulette is the fact that the numbers come in pairs opposite each other. The European version has the numbers spaced randomly along the wheel in no given order. Some of the European rules are not played in the American version such as the “en prison” and “La Partage” rules.


American Roulette is actually quite easy to understand. The wheel has black and red coloured numbers slots with the 00 being a special addition. The layout of the table is quite to the point and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to place your bet whether it is an inside or outside bet.

The Outside bets play less as they are the more simplified and wide range bets. These bets are known as the odds and evens bets, black or red, dozens, columns, 1-18 or 19-36 numbered slots.


Inside bets are a little more direct and harder to score on. The inside bets are the numbers, you get to place your bet on all the numbers you feel might score you some extra winnings. You can place your bet by putting a chip on your preferred numbers. You can also place a single bet on multiple numbers by simply putting your chip in the line between the numbers. If you are unsure about all the rules about Roulette, feel free to visit our “How-to-Play Roulette” page and gain as much knowledge as possible before playing.

American Roulette has captured the imaginations and hearts of players across the globe as it is a simple game of chance. It’s a win or lose game but that doesn’t stop players from taking their chances on this very popular table game.

Take a chance and play our famous online American Roulette game today!