Play French Roulette


French Roulette is commonly played by the French or people with an understanding of the French language. Although this version of Roulette shares many similarities to the other versions of Roulette it still has its own distinctive features.

Just like European Roulette, French Roulette has a roulette wheel with 37 coloured pockets numbered from 0-36. It is easy to see the difference between French and European roulette thanks to the roulette table. The sections on the French table are all in red and the language used on the table is French.


You cannot play French roulette unless you have a croupier to assist you, this croupier is also the dealer of the game. French roulette also has limited space on the table, only a certain amount of players can participate in a round. As with any other version of Roulette you play with chips. You then select your numbers or groups you would like to bet on.


This certain version of Roulette has been known as one of the most fun and has provided hours of entertainment to roulette lovers. Some may say that roulette is unbeatable but is simply a game of chance. Betting strategies known as call bets can be used in French Roulette. These call bets will enhance your chances of winning during the game.

The rules of the game are simple and the basic elements offer better opportunities for you to improve your winnings. One last thing that sets French Roulette apart from other versions of roulette is some of the rules that apply only to this version such as the “La Partage” and “En Prison” rules.

En Prison means “in jail”, when this rule is applied your money is not lost and your bet stays on the same outside bet for the next spin. If the ball lands on the 0 a second time then you will lose your bet.

La Partage means splitting, meaning when this rule is applied you’ll lose half of your bet but as you know that is better than losing your entire bet.

These rules make French Roulette the more popular choice because it is easier to win or at least keep your winnings in some highly losing cases.

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