Marvel Roulette Online


There is nothing better than playing a superhero filled roulette game which is why Indio Casino is proud to introduce you to our Marvel Roulette table game. This version of the classic roulette game brings a whole new dimension to the table as you get to play your favourite game while enjoying the ‘presence’ of your favourite Marvel superheroes.

To play the game is the same as playing any other classic Roulette game, you need to start by choosing your bet size and placing your bet before you spin the wheel. When the wheel comes to a standstill you will either receive your winnings or lose your bet. The great thing about any version of Roulette is that it requires skills but at the same time the results can be utterly random.


The Marvel Roulette table game is quite similar to classic Europena Roulette and players are allowed to choose from a variety of betting options. These include number bets, odds, evens and number based bets. What sets this version of Roulette apart from all the others is that it comes with a Marvel bonus which will trigger a video slot where you get to spin the reels 3 times. To trigger this bonus round the outcome of the wheel needs to match the bet you’ve placed in the Marvel Bonus space.


This bonus game is also linked to the Marvel Mystery Jackpot that is broken up in four different sized jackpots that can be won. While playing your favourite table game you also stand a chance to win up to 100,000 or more!

If you are looking for something different but you still want to play some form of Roulette then Marvel Roulette is absolutely perfect for you. You get to enjoy your favourite table game with an included bonus game and a chance to win one of four jackpot totals!

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