Multi Wheel Roulette

Indio Casino has a wide variety of Roulette table games on offer and most of them come with a single table to bet on. This is why we are so proud to introduce you to our Multi Wheel Roulette table game. This version of Roulette takes your favourite table game to a whole new level of fun, excitement and pay-outs.

This version of Roulette might seem frightening at first as you will look at not just one but up to 6 wheels. Don’t get frightened as this version of Roulette works the same way as any other classic version of Roulette with the added possibility of more wins. You will still get the same variety of bet options that includes odds, evens, specific number bets and plenty more.


What makes Multi Wheel Roulette so unique is the fact that you can spin up to 6 wheels at a time. This increases your chances of winning and can even provide you with greater winnings. If you are looking for a thrill and added excitement then this version of Roulette is exactly right for you. The added wheels make it so much easier to win which allows you to enjoy the game for so much longer. Don’t worry, you are not obligated to use all 6 wheels at once, there is an option to deactivate the wheels. This allows you to play with between one and six wheels per bet. The choice is yours but personally we have seen players experience more luck when activating multiple wheels at a time.

Try our Multi Wheel Roulette table game today by signing up with Indio Casino today. As an added bonus for signing up you’ll be spoiled with a welcome package that will certainly give you a jumpstart!