Play Newar Roulette Online

If you are looking for a fun take on the classic table game of Roulette then Newar roulette is exactly right for you!

The table of this game is set up a little bit different than the normal Roulette table setup. The objective of this game is to predict the outcome and get rewarded according to the bet you’ve placed. There is a variety of betting options available which includes odds, evens, red, black and even specific numbers. Each number and bet is linked to a unique pay-out so make sure you place all your bets on your desired options before you spin the wheel.


What makes Newar Roulette so unique is the setup of the board that differs from those found in classic roulette table games. There are also a few added bet wager avenues that result in higher maximum bets. These additions have created a whole new level of excitement around playing Roulette. The game is accompanied by a relaxing soundtrack and the specially created software offers a faster playing pace.

If you are looking to play your favourite game but with increased betting limits and added wagering options the Newar Roulette is the game for you.

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