Premium Pro Roulette

If you know your table and card games then you will know that Roulette is one of the ultimate favourites among players. One of the many types of Roulette we have on offer at Indio Casino is the Premium Roulette Pro game. It is derived from European Roulette and it allows players to focus more on their strategy by looking at the different spin patterns. You can expect a game with amazing graphics, realistic sounds and to top it off, you get to choose your background to make the game a little bit more personal.

The rules of the game are quite similar to the rules of European and French Roulette. You need to place your bet on the board and watch the wheel spin while hoping the ball will land in a slot you’ve wagered on.


There are a few differences between Classic Roulette and Premium Roulette Pro. One of the biggest differences occurs when the wheel starts spinning. You will be able to click on the numbers as they show up on the wheel. After this the system will take the numbers and analyse the digit properties where after it will compile information from your chose numbers and combine all this information with the information gathered from your previous spins. This helps to detect if there are any spin patterns present and it will help you place wiser bets with the knowledge of these patterns. The Premium Roulette Pro game is the ultimate real money game to play if you are looking to create a strategy that will help you increase you winning possibilities.

If you are ready to take on a bit of a challenge that can result in some very lucrative wins then this is most definitely the game for you. This slot is especially popular among our players because of its professional nature.

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