How to Play slots

Playing online slots seem quite simple all you have to do is click the button and the reels will spin. Sometimes you win and other times you lose. However at Indio Casino we’ve set up a list of things to keep in mind when playing online slots.

The goal after all is to make the most of your play so you can win more money. If you are new to online slots then this page will give you a better understanding on how slots work.

Getting back to basics:

The classic slots consisted of only three reels and to win you needed three symbols lined up in the middle. Online slots also referred to as video slots entail a little more than a one line symbol match. They offer more winning lines that don’t have to be in the middle line and they offer 5 reels instead of 3. The winning lines can be in the first row all the way through to the last row; they can be diagonal or even in a zigzag form. With the variety of online slots available today anything is possible.

Understanding the pay lines

Pay lines are also known as winning lines, the amount of pay lines available in a slot tells you how many winning possibilities there are. Let’s say a slot has 25 pay lines, that would mean that with every spin you have 25 winning combinations you could hit.

The best part is that you can get a winning streak anywhere on the pay lines and the matching symbols don’t even have to be next to each other.

With every video slot you get to select the amount of pay lines you want to bet on. So if you only bet on 9 lines then you only have 9 winning possibilities with your spin. If you select all the pay lines you have a wider variety of winning combinations available. Thus, making winning easier and more frequent.

It needs to be understood that choosing the maximum amount of pay lines won’t always increase your chances of winning. You are more likely to win but it is not set in stone as online slots are still a game of chance.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols help the winning process quite a lot. All you need is two matching symbols and a wild and you will score a win. Wild symbols substitute all symbols except for the scatter symbol.

Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbols open a world of bonus features for you. They can help you get free spins, bonus games or even sometimes free coins. If you have three or more scatter symbols anywhere on your reels you will unlock a certain feature or reward from the slot. Scatter symbols can also add a multiplier to your wins.

Placing your bet

To start your game you first need to do two things:

  1. Select your bet amount. All slots have a minimum and a maximum coin amount you can bet on. Choose the bet amount that best suits your need.
  2. Decide how many pay lines you want open during your game. It is important to note that your bet amount is per pay line. Meaning if you bet 5 coins and you only open 4 paylines you’ll pay 20 coins for the spin. Remember that the more pay lines you open, the higher your chance of winnings will be.

Once you have selected your bet amount and your number of pay lines you can proceed by clicking on the start or spin button. If you don’t want to press the button with each spin then all you have to do is select the Autoplay function and the number of spins you want it to run for.

And when all that is done the real fun starts. The reels will come to life, music will be heard in the background and the pay lines will show themselves. Don’t fear not recognising the bonus and scatter symbols as they will present themselves, however if you find yourself doubting you can always click on the “I” button of the slot. It will show you all the symbols and their worth, it will also give you more detail on the bonus games the slot has on offer.

You are allowed to change your bet amount and number of pay lines throughout the game so don’t worry about it being a permanent setting. Why don’t you head over to our casino lobby and test your new found knowledge on one of our many brilliant online slots available?